Strong, self-funded Environmental Impact

Strong, self-funded Environmental Impact

Advancing Green Housing

In the face of Europe’s environmental challenges, EERFC-funded assets enable homeowners to invest in energy-efficient home improvements, directly supporting the EU’s climate action goals.

Promoting Sustainable Living

Our initiatives help develop sustainable living environments, a crucial step as Europe strives for ecological balance and reduced energy consumption.


EERFC empowers later life originators to accelerate home improvements, facilitating energy-efficient upgrades without the need for state funding. This approach champions environmental sustainability while fostering self-reliant, greener communities across Europe

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Supporting Europe’s Aging Demographic

Latest insights into the aging population underscore the need for innovative financial solutions. EERFC’s funding allows senior homeowners to utilize home equity, enhancing their financial freedom and quality of life.

Fostering Community Resilience

By helping homeowners in their later years, we are contributing to building stronger, more connected communities. This aligns with our vision of social inclusion, which is widely supported and valued.

Inclusive Financial Solutions

Our dedication to providing equitable financial solutions mirrors both our own and the regulators’ emphasis on financial inclusivity. This ensures that a wide range of needs are addressed throughout the continent.

Governance Excellence at EERFC

Governance Excellence at EERFC

International Best Practices

At EERFC, our governance model is built on a foundation of best practices gleaned from the international market. By observing and integrating these global standards, we ensure a governance framework that is robust, transparent, and forward-thinking.

Global Insight for Local Application

Our in-depth understanding of originator models from around the globe informs our approach. This global perspective allows us to effectively tailor and enhance the governance structures of our European originators, ensuring they operate at the highest level of efficacy and integrity.

Building Strong Originators

Our governance expertise is not just a pillar of our own operations; it’s a resource we share with our partners. By imparting this knowledge and these practices, we play a crucial role in developing and strengthening originators across Europe, enhancing their operational excellence and market competitiveness.

Preventing Mis-Selling

EERFC is firmly committed to eliminating the mis-selling of later life assets by adhering to the standards and guidelines set forth by the European Pensions and Property Asset Release Group (EPPARG) and the Equity Release Council (ERC). This commitment ensures that all products and services offered through our network are transparent, fair, and designed with the customer’s best interests in mind.

The aging of Europe is more than mere numbers; it profoundly impacts the lives of our seniors as they navigate significant changes in their needs and desires. Often, their financial resources don’t align with this new chapter in their lives. In our fast-evolving world, there’s a real risk that many could be left without support or options. At EERFC, our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is about acknowledging and addressing these shifts. We’re dedicated to creating options and opportunities for those who should never be overlooked. Our aim is not just to provide positive social impacts but also to enhance financial inclusion for the elderly, all while adhering to stringent safety standards and procedures.

Claudio Pacella – Director