In Germany, the later life assets market is shaped by an increasing population aged 60 and above, which makes up 30% of the total population as of 2023 and is anticipated to grow to 35% by 2050. This demographic, with a home ownership rate exceeding 50%, presents a significant market opportunity. However, it also faces societal challenges, as 25% of property owners over 60 encounter financial difficulties. Amidst these dynamics, investment opportunities are emerging, particularly in regions with varying house prices and a growing need for retirement finance solutions.

Key Information

Key Information

  • 25 million people in the 60-plus age group as of 2023.

  • Home ownership valued at EUR 2.75 billion among the 60+ demographic.

  • 328 active brokers and 65 tipsters in the residential property market.

  • Rising demand for property annuity contracts.

  • 3.3 million households over 60 at risk of living in poverty.


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